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88Beats specializes in custom made beats and also can serve as a digital engineer meaning services such as mixing and mastering are included when purchasing a custom beat.  


What is a custom beat?

With a custom beat you are obtaining rights for synchronization meaning streaming services such as spotify and rhapsody are included, sales on itunes and other digital marketplaces are included with a split of sales percentages negotiated before contracts being signed.  You have the choice to make a single payment for the tracks we produce or if you have a big enough following or are a signed artist, the industry standard is 4% royalty for any sales.  Email us for more information.

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88Beats accepts bank transfers (ACH), credit and debit cards as well as checks for payments on royalties, leases, exclusives and other purchases.  Email us for an invoice that fits your needs, if you are building a mixtape or demo browse our catalog above to purchase tracks via paypal.  If you wish to purchase a custom beat, we will invoice you and you will have the option to pay with credit, debit or ACH.


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