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We value our shoppers and all our new visitors, we would like to offer all of you a free leased beat (never released) just for coming by!  


Of course, we want to keep in touch with you, you'll get updates on new beats, discount coupons and be notified of our cash contest giveaways!

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Our beat cd's are high quality instrumentals!  The beats you purchase on each CD aren't leased individually, they are not sold exclusively unless all 10 are purchased exclusively (meaning you own them now, we do not, we don't sell them anymore).


You will receive the CD in standard shipping times from 3-8 business days depending on your location.


Beat CD's will be released regularly and will vary in prices so be sure to visit our "SHOP" page today and view our CD's, you can listen to each one before purchasing it by visiting the item.

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Beat CD's are actual CD's, no digital downloads available.


You can use paypal to check out - if you do so we send the CD's to the paypal address that is on your file, if you plan on using paypal to complete the order make sure your address is the right one or your CD will be lost in the mail.


Credit cards/debit cards are accepted, you will need to enter your physical mailing address that is associated with that card at checkout, just click the credit card icons (not the paypal logo).


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