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Who Are We? is a new cutting edge way to purchase beats, make hits and get feedback on your material.  Not only do we offer services, we also GIVE CASH AWAY, if you make a dope song during a contest and submit it we will review it, judges will make a decision and you could win some CASH and other nice prizes to help boost your music career.  88Beats is ran and operated by a team of engineers, producers, designers and mostly, musicians.  We aren't your avereage everyday beat maker with one software/plugin.  We are a serious group of musicians who take this line of work very serious.  We encourage all artists to pursue their music with passion as it is very possible to make it without a label and get a fan base by dedicating time, engergy and a little bit of money.  We can help make that happen, we manage and promote artists from Hip Hop to Alternative.


Where we started?

We started producing on for many years, merging with other producers to sell tracks with such as KA, E-Motion-L and a few others, things never got rolling with others on board that weren't physically here with us, so we decided to just go solo.  After opening local recording studios and branching outside of soundclick we started to see success from it, long hours but it was paying off.  We have been designing soundclick layouts, websites and other graphics for artists and producers around the world, successfully doing business for over 4 years in the design field, we also had recording studios from Seattle to Reno, NV.  Now we operate business's in all fields of music and audio recording.


Our Clients?

Working with hundreds if not thousands of unsigned artists 88 has also had the opportunity to work with many signed major aritsts including but not limited to:  Kid Ink, Hussein Fatal, Crooked I, Big Cholo to name a few. | history