Producers you can now purchase templates from our team, below you will find a list of items available.  New templates and documents will be added below as time progresses.  Be sure to visit our youtube channel for more information.

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legal ownership document #001

A must have document PSD file for producers who need to sign over full ownership rights to their artists/clients.  This document is a template that you may edit to your liking and then print it out - sign it and send it to your client granting them ownership rights to the beat(s) they had purchased on your website.


This document goes over basic information your client needs to know, you will ship this to them - be sure to use USPS and get a tracking number for this document to avoid chargebacks issued against you from credit card companies, if you provide a signature proof that this document was signed and received by your client you will never lose a chargeback.


Get this template for only $5.99 and start presenting yourself in a professional manner.


You will receive the document via email within 24 hours after your order is completed.


+Custom Logo Design - This is for a basic 2D logo (not the one we have) if you have your own logo already purchase the template only as you are going to be able to insert your own logo at the top.

legal ownership document #002

Our latest version of "Ownership Contract" forms, comes in easy to edit word file.  


Updated 12/1/2017


Reviewed and written with Lawyer, all text should be left "as is" but you can simply make changes to your rights you are granting the owner.

What is included?


Exclusive Contract:

This is set standard for split shares (100% composer, 100% artist)

You may make changes to this document if you wish to set it for "Royalty Free Exclusives".

Royalty free means you give the artist / client 200% rights (BMI) or 100% (ASCAP).

You would then ask for no shares and you would delete / remove any copyright or registration.


Leasing Contract:

Standard leasing rights inserted in the form, grants artist a limited amount of useage and also requires he/she to prove quarterly (or when you ask) that he / she has not reached any limits.


Docs with letterhead:

This option is great if you don't have a letterhead.  We will create a blank letterhead image that you can insert into a word document program and then paste these docs onto that letterhead!

We insert your logo at the top as well as any business information you have or want on the letterhead.  Letterheads are sent in JPEG and PNG format and are not editable once created so be sure to send us all your business info!


Purchase this document! Purchase this document!